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Derick is a musician first, but he offers several other services to help other musicians and artists who are looking for a start or for help. From drum lessons for children to programming your show or helping you with your track. He's available for it all!

For a quote go to the contact page and fill out the form or email me directly.


Drum Lessons

In need of drum lessons for yourself of or a young child? Derick offers lessons for those who are interested and willing to take instruction from him. Lessons are hands-on.



Over the years Derick has developed his craft in arranging and programming shows, musically directing and putting them together. Now he is doing it on a professional level for main stream artist taking the shows and creative musical science to the next level. Let him build your show and create moments that people won't forget.



Derick and his production company provide a service where they combine all of the different sonic elements of a recorded piece of music, whether it be an album, EP or live, into a final version and balancing the distinct parts to achieve a desired effect.



Derick and his production company provide a service where they master final mixes to get them where they need to be for streaming and all digital selling platforms.


Music Production

Derick provides music production services whether it be scoring, beats, records, deejaying and many more.



Need someone to talk with? Run ideas by? Someone to help guide you in the right direction? Derick offers 30 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes consultation to discuss the business, programming, gear, software and more with you. These consultations are to help you get where you desire to be as a musician.

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